Outback Summer tells the story of Rod Conway, a university student from Sydney’s leafy northern suburbs; it tells of his first experiences away from home on a journey of discovery, west into Australia’s dry interior for a summer vacation job; field hand on a mineral exploration project near Bourke.

Easy-going and smart, Rod is quickly accepted by the youth of the local town. His endless summer days are idyllic bliss; mornings of physical labour under the broad outback sky; afternoons shared with his workmates and the girls in the refreshing waters of the local pool. All of them are on a journey to adulthood, a journey seen through the eyes of Rod, who slowly discovers that the world to which they are aspiring holds little interest for him. It is one of boredom, alcohol abuse, violence and entrenched racism, but it is a destiny to which they all are drawn, a destiny he seems powerless to change.

Through his relationship with his mentor cousin, and friendships with real Australian characters, - the driller’s daughter, the shearers cook, the town tough guy, the gentle tribal elder, and a beautiful aboriginal girl - Rod discovers deep and powerful meaning; a real connection with the land and its elements - the same spiritual link that indigenous peoples have always cherished - an understanding that has been buried and forgotten; smothered by the ways of the new society, but not totally destroyed - an understanding that simmers just below the surface, awaiting rediscovery.

Returning to the district for a second summer, working the Darling floodplain, Rod develops his own bond with the river country, but discovers that Bourke has irreversibly changed during his year away.

Rod’s story is told in his own words, in quintessentially Australian vernacular, revealed through his gradual awakening, through his experiences, thoughts and dialogue.

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Fran, Leo, Emma and Josh, firm friends at an elite boarding school for promising students, stumble on a way of exploring Earth’s unimaginably long 4,600 million year geologic past in a series of euphoric time travelling adventures.

Through a chain of much unexpected twists and turns in their lives at school, the four friends realize that their increasingly-risky adventures are serious business and that time travelling is rather an addictive habit. They awaken to the understanding that they are irreversibly changing their own destinies and those of their family and friends around them.

Finally the situation spirals out of their control when others steal the secret of time travel for themselves, wielding it for their own selfish purposes, with serious consequences for the entire planet, and the four friends must face some important lessons.

The lesson for all of us to take from these pages is that today’s decisions can profoundly affect what will happen to us tomorrow and we must take full responsibility for those decisions. Depending on our free choices, we are confronted with multiple shifting paths, each leading to a future possibility – some shining, bright and good, but others black and evil – we bear the consequences of the path we choose. Our short time on this planet is like a ticket to play a tiny role in the drama of life, with all of its pleasures and pains.

We are each a falling rain droplet making our way through the rivulets, streams and rivers of life, towards the finality of the mighty ocean - each contributing to it. How we play out our lives is what counts, as the ripples that each of us make can spread out a long way.

“Circle of Time” is dedicated to all of those individuals who try to make a difference in their lives, be it large or small.

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“Onward Journey” tells the story of a long journey taken by a faceless individual, Amos Green. It is one of those journeys that begin every second, and just one of the countless billions of journeys currently in progress, but it is a journey that we must all inevitably take.

Amos Green’s journey begins when he passes away after a very unmemorable life, alone and forgotten in a darkening hospital room. Completely defeated, he nurtures barely the smallest spark of hope, which ignites into the most incredible adventure story ever told.

It is the aim of this novel to distil the knowledge and experience embodied in numerous religious texts, learned scholarly works and personal accounts dealing with the subject of what happens after we die, condensing their sparkling gems of wisdom, from the ritualized framework in which they are found, in order to piece together the fullest picture possible of our onward journey – as embodied in the journey of Amos Green.

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