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ROCKS & FOSSILS: A Visual Guide

Robert R. Coenraads (Author)

Firefly Books Ltd ISBN, 304 pages : 1554070686 A basic introduction to geology and paleontology, this predominantly pictorial treatment will lure even newcomers to the subjects. Included are a series of ancient-life illustrations depicting creatures from different segments of geologic time, from the Cambrian period forward. Accompanied by many photographs the full color book is a beauty. Coenraads describes how fossils are formed, how rocks are formed, and how plate tectonics work and explains what people on a rock- hunting field trip should look for and opens their imaginations to the former environmental conditions that the discoveries of a fossil, rock, or mineral conjure. A science work suitable for all ages and schooling it is packed with glossy color photographs of rocks, fossils, and landscapes

"Uncover the intriguing world beneath our feet" Rocks and Fossils reveal the state of the planet now and what the future may bring, including clues about the shifting, changing nature of the continents, mountain ranges, oceans, and islands. Rocks and Fossils is a beautifully illustrated book that brings life to the seemingly timeless landscape. It explains geological concepts in relevant and familiar terms. Lively illustrations reveal a vast, hidden world via cross-sections and cutaways with explanatory captions. The book explores the internal engine of our planet -- the liquid iron core unique among terrestrial planets, which is the catalyst for the creation and destruction of land, mountain, and oceans. Rocks and Fossils is organized in six main sections: The Dynamic Earth: the ever-changing nature of the world Ancient Worlds: life from the Precambrian era to the age of humans Key Features: how rocks and fossils form Rocks and Fossils in the Landscape: where to find fossils Minerals: How they form and why some are precious Fossils: signs of life from single-cell organisms to dinosaurs. Rocks and Fossils explains the fossil record to show how prehistoric lifeforms are linked to plants and animals still on Earth. Why did some species survive and others perish? What does the future hold?

Another Macmillan Visual Guide and as always, excellently presented. The colour photos are simply magnificent both in the historical sections and the photos of the rocks and fossils themselves. Being interested in this subject I was keen to check this book out, and was not disappointed. It is very easy to read and understand and contains many interesting nuggets of little known information. Covering topics ranging from detailed diagrams and pictures of the Earth and its core, Minerals, formation of rocks, Ancient Worlds, Extinction and Fossil Discoveries to mention just a few of the subjects covered so well.

I was delighted to find a section on the Ediacaran fossils of the Flinders Ranges. As a member of the Friends of the Flinders Ranges I was pleased that earlier this year the Golden Spike was set up here. This makes the Flinders of great geological importance as it will be an official reference point worldwide and adds a new chapter to the geological timeline.

With a practical and informative Factfile and useful Glossary it is well worth the money as a great reference book for your library. It would have great use for students of geology too, and for us amateurs it is a delightful browse.

SearchSA Contributor 14 November 2004

So impressed with this book's unique coverage on the subject I bought two, one for a gift. Photos and graphics were perfect.

Momma Cat "I am therefore I read" (North Coast Ohio USA)

I really love this guide, I bought it for my little girl who collects rocks and it help her a lot to learn about this interesting theme. THANK YOU!

Henry Monica Munoz

This is one of the most beautiful books on minerals and fossils that I've ever seen. In addition there is easy to read and understand information though out. I liked it so much I sent a copy to a family member for a gift. Well worth it for anyone who likes the beautiful examples of the natural world or who wants basic Earth Science info. This is not meant to be a total resource but it is a pleasure to read or just look at the pictures!

Ahki (Tennesse USA)

I checked this out of the library and liked it so much I have to buy a copy. There is a mass of information on a broad spectrum of minerals and it is chocked full of great photos and illustrations. Would also make a great coffee table book.

GaelG (Mukilteo, WA USA)

Rocks and Fossils is a reference book that includes sections on the identification and classification of rocks and minerals, the fossil record, and geological time lines. Full color photographs enhance every page except the Fact file section. Evaluation:
Rocks and Fossils is a misnomer for the title; it is a ready reference for prehistory, earthquakes, volcanoes, rocks, minerals, fossils, evolution, adaptation, and plate tectonics. The 300 pages of color photographs and diagrams are nothing short of phenomenal. The sections on theories of hominid evolution and the linking between the past and plants and animals of today are clear and well documented. Drawings of ancient worlds are on two page spreads; varied photos show an underwater view of an elephant swimming and the compound eye of a trilobite that allowed a viewing range approaching 360?. Hard to find bits of information such as a map and description of fossil sites around the world and a detailed mineral properties table abound. This is a fascinating view of our world that combines clear writing that incorporates recent scientific discoveries and striking photos that enhance every page of the text. Great for home or school reference or for the individual who wants a refreshing look at our world. Highly recommended.