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ROCKS & FOSSILS: The Nature Company Guides

A. B. Busbey (Author), Robert R. Coenraads (Author); David Roots (Author) and Paul Willis (Author) 1996

Weldon Owen, 288 pages : ISBN-13: 9781740896320

“You will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of up to date information that can be enjoyed by both a lay reader and also by a professional geologist…” I urge you to buy this book.

Brenda Franklin, The Australian Geologist.

Rocks and Fossils reveals how the study of rocks and minerals enables us to uncover many of the extraordinary events that have taken place over the Earth’s 4,600 million year history. The book takes you on a journey to the most remarkable geological and paleontological sites in the world. Plus detailed information on how to start, display and care for your own rock and fossil collection,

Readers Digest Pty Ltd.

The Nature Company Guides: Rocks & Fossils. RD Press in association with The Nature Company Guides, Sydney. Co-publisher of this book, The Nature Company, is dedicated to ‘providing products and experiences which encourage the joyeous observation, understanding and appreciation of nature’. Also this organization’s stated goal is to ‘provide products, insights and experiences which kindle your own source of wonder and help you feel good about the world in which you live’. Having read and enjoyed reading this 288 page odd-shaped (but very reader friendly) hard cover guide to the earth sciences of geology, mineralogy, gemmology and palaeontology; this reviewer is firmly convinced that the book has achieved the stated aims of its publishers – courtesy of some exceptional input from both the book’s authors and illustrators. Over seven chapters , each written as a series of two-page spreads that address a particular topic or concept, the reader is introduced sequentially to geological time and its influences on the earth (past and present), the forces that shape the earth, the nature and composition of the earth’s rocks and minerals, the forces that control life on the earth, and two most comprehensive and practically useful Field Guides – one covering common rocks and minerals (including gemstones), and one for fossils. As the authors of each chapter are earth scientists, with an obvious love of and fascination for Nature (and what makes it function), this combination makes interesting and very educational reading. Fortunately in this publication, educationally stimulating facts have been more than adequately compensated by the excellence of illustrations This publication deserves to have a wide readership for it can be read by all (irrespective of age or experience) who have an interest in obtaining answers to the many questions about geology, mineralogy, gemstones and fossils that begin with the simple word…Why?

Dr Grahame Brown Editor, The Australian Gemmologist.

"Uncover the intriguing world beneath our feet" Rocks and Fossils reveal the state of the planet now and what the future may bring, including clues about the shifting, changing nature of the continents, mountain ranges, oceans, and islands. Rocks and Fossils is a beautifully illustrated book that brings life to the seemingly timeless landscape. It explains geological concepts in relevant and familiar terms. Lively illustrations reveal a vast, hidden world via cross-sections and cutaways with explanatory captions. The book explores the internal engine of our planet -- the liquid iron core unique among terrestrial planets, which is the catalyst for the creation and destruction of land, mountain, and oceans. Rocks and Fossils is organized in six main sections: The Dynamic Earth: the ever-changing nature of the world Ancient Worlds: life from the Precambrian era to the age of humans Key Features: how rocks and fossils form Rocks and Fossils in the Landscape: where to find fossils Minerals: How they form and why some are precious Fossils: signs of life from single-cell organisms to dinosaurs. Rocks and Fossils explains the fossil record to show how prehistoric lifeforms are linked to plants and animals still on Earth. Why did some species survive and others perish? What does the future hold?

Rocks and Fossils – Busbey, Coenraads, Willis, Roots Fascinating Introduction to Geology

This is the first Nature Company Guide I've ever read. I had always thought DK Guides were the very best. This book has piqued my interest in other Nature Company Guide books. This particular book offers beautiful photography, thought-provoking bits of trivia related to geological phenomena throughout history. Compared to a DK Guide on fossils, this book is more narrative in tone, and more conceptual in its presentation. Very nicely done.

By Luz Seine on October 30, 2004

Highly Recommended, High School to College Level Readers

The book far exceeds the usual measure of information in general books of this type. It manages to cover a wide range of topics relating to earth science, fossils and fossil sites, types and modes of preservation, life from pre-Cambrian to recent times, soils, mineral formation, gems, volcanoes, continental drift, plant fossilization, tar pit sites, amber, insects, microfossils, vertebrates, invertebrates and more. It includes hundreds of illustrations mostly in color. Even a person relatively knowledgeable in geology or paleontology will find many new facts that they were unaware of previously. For instance, that the northern hemisphere soils are more fertile than southern hemisphere soils due to the recent repeated glaciations in the north. This created a wealth of finely ground mineral powder in the soils, absent in the south, which the book says has the depleted rain washed soils of Pangea, never glaciated for over 150 million years. The cycad fossil an Etruscan king was buried with, the fossil dinosaur stampede trackway at Lark Quarry in Queensland, or Tribrachidium, a pre-Cambrian animal that, unlike any animal since, had tri-fold symmetry. The book is a great piece of work by the numerous authors and editors who put it together.

By Catamaran'78 on March 23, 2013 Format: Hardcover 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon