Extreme Earth

English Cover


EXTREME EARTH: more than 1001 surprising facts about our extraordinary planet

Robert R. Coenraads (Consultant), David Burnie (Author), Jack Challoner (Author), Celia Coyne (Author), Sari Harrar (Author), Karen McGhee (Author)


'Extreme Earth' is a masterpiece - the perfect Reader's Digest guide to our planet's most astonishing extremes, which have been brought together for the first time in one exceptional volume.

With every turn of the page, 'Extreme Earth' inspires us, its audience, with the finest and most amazing nature photography ever captured - more than 300 images in total assembled from the libraries of many of the world's best photographers. These captivating visuals, together with their illuminating captions and the book's engaging text, highlight the remarkable nature of Earth and allow us to effortlessly absorb and wonder at the most incredible extremes that our planet has to offer.

At the same time, 'Extreme Earth' leads us to contemplate some of the bigger questions of life, such as where do we come from? What is our humble place in Earth's complex and extreme web of life? Where are we ultimately heading?

'Extreme Earth' is divided into five intriguing and informative sections covering every aspect of the planet and its geological history:

1. Portrait of our Planet paints the big picture of Earth's extremes, our position in the universe and the mystery of life - it's a breathtaking tale that spans billions of years.

2. Extreme Fire and Movement is a unique expedition into the inner workings of our planet, its volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and ever-moving continents.

3. Extreme Land takes a look at Earth's remote islands, soaring mountains, crystal-packed caves, driest deserts, wettest forests and more, and describes in stunning detail the most extreme living things found on land.

4. Extreme Water plunges into the watery world of Earth's mightiest oceans, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, encountering some terrifying tsunamis along the way.

5. Extreme Air and Weather is a fantastic flight into world's worst blizzards, thunderstorms, cyclones, tornadoes, floods and droughts, with a spectaclar side trip to see rainbows, auroras, and other beautiful visual phenomena.

Prepare to be excited, surprised and even challenged by what you are about to read on the coming pages - 'Extreme Earth' is a sensational journey of discovery that will leave you spellbound.

Dr Robert R Coenraads BA(Hons), MSc, PhD, FGAA, FAusIMM