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Author of the Australia page, Robert R Coenraads with Millennium House Director Gordon Cheers at the booklaunch of Earth at Dymocks, Bondi Junction store.

Author of the Venezuelan section, Francis C Nieves

Author's kids measuring up to Earth Atlas

Author's kids trying to lift Earth Atlas

The Australian spread written by Dr Robert Coenraads.

Gordon Cheers with Earth Platinum.


Earth Atlas - Millennium House

'We are proud that through Earth we could bring back the fine art of hand binding, which has almost disappeared from publishing industry. It has also set a new benchmark in cartography and publishing excellence. This rare atlas is now part of some of the most discerning library collections in the UAE.'

The biggest Atlas in the Universe • Hand bound in leather, gilded edges, silver plated corners • Size; 610 x 469 mm …closed! • 576 pages, 154 maps, 800 images • 18.1 kilos alone, 28.8 kg with leather bound case • World Limited Edition of 3,000 numbered copies • Certificate of Authenticity hand numbered • Plates destroyed after printing • 4 Gatefolds extend out over 1.8 meters

This exquisite limited edition atlas takes cartography to a new level. For the map enthusiast, the collector, the armchair traveller, or for those who enjoy luxury, this beautiful leather-bound edition is a “must-have”. Highly detailed maps, produced by a team of more than 100 international cartographers, geographers and oceanographers are the foundation of this book. Each of the countries of the world is described and illustrated in detail with focus on the geography, history, culture, and unique features. Earth is special for a number of reasons, not least the fact that each copy (including its case) is lovingly hand bound in leather. As such only a certain number can be delivered at any one time. We are down to 20 copies from the latest consignment. In the interest of fairness, orders will be processed strictly in the order they were received. Thank you for your interest in Earth, we will continue to update the situation here so you are kept fully informed.

LATEST NEWS At the 33rd Galley Club Awards held on 19th June 2009, EARTH received the prestigious Book of the Year award. Highly Commended by British Cartographic Society with 'Stanfords Award' for Printed Mapping. Earth Concise wins the critically acclaimed International Map Trade association Award for Best book in 2008. Noleen Zander Executive Director IMTA (Asia Pacific) says, " this is a prestigious award that will mean that for anyone who loves maps, Earth Concise is quite simply the absolute best collection of world maps available on Earth".

*EARTH Royal Blue No. 0124 sells at charity auction in Dubai for $11,200.00 AUD* ISBN 9781921209147 ISBN 9781921209-14-7 ISBN: 9781921209147


Once in a lifetime, the opportunity comes along to acquire something truly exquisite and unique—a piece of history, a rare collectible, a masterpiece... EARTH Platinum Edition is such an acquisition. With only 31 individually numbered copies of this immense, limited edition atlas available, this beautifully presented book will be sought after by fine institutions and discerning collectors. Superb cartography is displayed on the massive pages when opened: each spread measures a breathtaking 6 feet x 9 feet (1.8m x 2.7m), presenting an unsurpassed view of the world. Every step required to produce this exclusive atlas has challenged existing processes, and the exacting standards of quality and presentation expected by Millennium House have contributed to the development of improved techniques and demanded the finest craftsmanship. EARTH Platinum Edition is destined to become a prized reference and a focal point of the world's major libraries and repositories. An outstanding milestone in publishing at 6ft x 4.5ft (1.8m x 1.4m), this exquisite book is unsurpassed in size, quality, and detail. A showcase of the craftsmanship of more than 100 international cartographers, geographers and photographers.

Specifications •Total collection limited to thirty-one individually numbered copies •6 feet × 4.5 feet (1.8m × 1.4m) •Earth Platinum ISBN 978-1-921811-11-1 •128 pages, portrait •More than 45 pages of the finest contemporary maps •Cost $100,000 USD


Earth Essential Atlas is a comprehensive atlas that will prove an indispensable resource for the student, the armchair traveler, and anyone with an interest in the world we live in today. This global overview, complete with thematic maps, covers the topics that are of interest to us all - from climate to religion; from population to global communications. Each continent is then presented in turn, with informative text on the region, followed by extensive cartography. The superb maps - with specially created background relief highlighting the landscape - are comprehensive and highly detailed.


Published In: AUS, 30 June 2011 Earth Condensed is a conveniently sized reference atlas that is ideal for the home, school, library, college, university, and workplace. It is complete with up-to-date information, superb cartography, a wealth of detail, and full-colour photography. It contains: easy-to-understand text from an expert team of astronomers, geologists, geographers, and historians; comprehensive mapping showing the important geographical features and the towns, cities, and borders of each region of the world; detailed descriptions of the world's countries, dependencies, and territories.


Owing to the significance of Earth Atlas as an educational tool, Millennium House has produced a 'baby' Earth - Earth Concise - with the best collection of world maps available. Earth Concise won the International Map Trade Award (IMTA) for Best Book in 2008. 'Spreading knowledge is the core of our business and by producing Earth Concise we provide public schools and families with an opportunity to help children learn more about Planet Earth,' said Mr. Cheers, who believes that every child should grow up with an atlas in their home.

“Wonderful, fantastic atlas, beautiful photography, thank you!”


“Absolutely beautiful book, what a fantastic achievement”

David Lanning-J.Hewitt & Sons Ltd

“What a wonderful book to come across on my routine walk through Brackley-A dream come true from yourselves to Mother Earth-Well Done!”

Helen Kettley-Goldstein –

“Beautiful isn’t the word, I am truly taken aback by seeing this eternal work of art. Inspirational”

Howard M Twiner

“An amazing feat, never to be repeated! The photography inspires you to travel and visit all the wonderful places that this planet has to offer. Beautiful”

Jane Feiven

“Amazing, stunning pictures. It’s beautiful, so much effort put in to it”


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